MCAA E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card

The e-gift card you purchase will be emailed to the recipient at the address you provide. It has a unique code the recipient uses to make their purchase online or in person. It can be used all at once or in increments. There is no expiration date. E-gift card balances are not redeemable for cash.



E-Gift Card FAQs
  • I’ve lost my e-gift card and need the code so I can make a purchase. Can you send it to me?

We’re happy to help. Email us your name and name of the person who gifted the e-card to you, and we’ll retrieve it. If you know the date you received it, please send that too. You also can call us during business hours at 507-284-2317.

  • How can I check my e-gift card balance?

Check your balance here.

  • I purchased something using my e-gift card and need to exchange it. How can I do that?

You received a receipt online or in person when you made the original purchase. Check our exchange/return policy here for the steps to take to make an exchange.

  • Can I use my e-gift card to pay for shipping as well as the item I purchase?

Yes, the balance on an e-gift card can go toward shipping costs.

  • I received an e-gift card but don’t want to purchase anything from the shop. Can I redeem it for cash?

E-gift cards are not redeemable for cash. They do not expire, and we add new merchandise throughout the year. We hope you’ll find something you like.

  • I received an e-gift card but don’t want to purchase anything from the shop. Can I regift it to someone else in their name so they don’t know it’s a regift?

You can use the e-gift card you received to purchase an e-gift card to gift to someone else.

  • Can I give my e-gift card to someone else?

Yes, e-gift card balances are transferrable. The person you give it to must have the unique code from the e-gift card to use it.

  • Can I give an e-gift card to someone who isn’t a Mayo Clinic alum or affiliated with Mayo?

Yes, anyone can make a purchase in the Alumni Association online shop.

  • There’s a small balance left on my e-gift card card. Can I get cash back?

Balances on e-gift card are not redeemable for cash. Balances do not expire.

  • I’d like to purchase multiple e-gift cards in the same amount for my trainees. Can you help with that?

This is easy to do on the website, with one easy checkout.

Of course, we’re always available to help you. For assistance, call us 507-284-2317 during business hours or email us.

  • Can I send an e-gift card to someone anonymously?

Yes. Simply leave the sender field blank or type Anonymous in it.

If the recipient contacts us to inquire about the sender, we won’t provide that information if you’ve requested anonymity.