Justin D. Kreuter, M.D.

Justin D. Kreuter, M.D.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, 2013

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Mayo Clinic Education

Campus: Mayo Clinic in Rochester

Name: Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education (MSGME)

Degree: Fellow

Specialty: Transfusion Medicine

Year: 2013

Other Education

Name: Dartmouth

Degree: Anatomic & Clinical Pathology

Specialty: Pathology

Year: 2011

Fields of Practice
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Anatomic/Clinical Pathology
  • Transplant Surgery
Professional Organizations

Name: AABB
Role: Member

Name: ASHI
Role: Member

Name: CAP
Role: Member

Medical / Research Interests

I am a Clinical Pathologist with a subspecialized practice in Transfusion Medicine and Tissue Typing (i.e., organ transplant compatibility testing). I see Transfusion Medicine as the clinical application of coagulation and immunology principles.

My primary passion is being an educator. I am deeply interested in strategies for teaching clinical judgement, frameworks for feedback, and reflection in medical practice. Currently, I develop my teaching sessions with a reverse design approach (first objectives, then assessment, and finally content) and utilize flipped teaching to transform my lecture time into a workshop.

My main clinical interest is caring for the bleeding patient. I am in my element when bedside and helping to manage a complex coagulopathy or trauma resuscitation. An important aspect of caring for these bleeding patients is having blood products and factor concentrates on the shelf, which is how I became an enthusiastic advocate for patient blood management and blood donation. I am fortunate these interests also support my efforts to care for organ transplant patients.

My research is focused on improving management of patients who are refractory to platelet transfusion. Specifically, I am interested in elucidating clinically-significant laboratory thresholds as well as understanding how to optimize evaluation & platelet selection for these patients.

Mayo Clinic Societies
  • Name: Mayo Clinic Alumni Association
    Role: MCAA Regular Membership


Lives in: Rochester, Minnesota

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