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Stethoscope Gift Honor Roll

Mayo Clinic alumni can purchase stethoscopes that are presented to incoming first-year Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine students. This program helps to create a sense of belonging to the rich history of Mayo-trained physicians.

Gifts of stethoscopes from the Alumni Association began in 2015. In 2019 alumni were first given the opportunity to directly fund these stethoscope gifts.

On behalf of the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Board of Directors, thank you to the alumni listed here for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Some alumni who have purchased stethoscopes have chosen to remain anonymous. If you purchased a stethoscope to be given to a student and would like your name included on this list, please let us know.

5+ Stethoscopes

Randolph Steer, M.D., Ph.D. MED ’76 Roswell, Georgia
Louise Turkula, M.D. S ’86, PLS ’88 Orono, Minnesota

1-5 Stethoscopes

Francisco Agullo, M.D. PLS ’09 El Paso, Texas
Gregory Angstman, M.D. MED ’82, FM ’85 Mantorville, Minnesota
John Barlow, M.D. RABD ’95 Rochester, Minnesota
Thomas Beckman, M.D. ADGM ’00 Rochester, Minnesota
Scott Beede, M.D. MED ’89, PRES ’90 Boca Raton, Florida
Malcolm Bell, M.D. PHYS ’90, CV ’92 Rochester, Minnesota
Daniel Bennett, M.D. MED ’99, TY ’00 Madison, Wisconsin
Katherine Brick, M.D. DERM ’14 St. Paul, Minnesota
George Brindley, M.D. OR ’86 Lubbock, Texas
Francis Buadi, M.D. TRANM ’03 Rochester, Minnesota
W. Douglas Bunn Jr. , M.D. GYNO ’92 Jamesville, New York
Paul Carpenter, M.D. I ’73, ENDO ’76 Rochester, Minnesota
Madhavi Gunda Chunduru, M.D. CV ’01 Key Largo, Florida
James Connell Jr., M.D. I1 ’71, I ’74, RD ’77 Cape Coral, Florida
Karen Dahlgren, M.D. PD ’86 Golden Valley, Minnesota
Chad Davis, M.D. S ’89 Indianapolis, Indiana
Eugene Dimagno, M.D. I ’68, GI ’70 Rochester, Minnesota
Roger Dozois, M.D. S ’71 Rochester, Minnesota
David Foley, M.D. MED ’85, I ’88, CV ’92 Rochester, Minnesota
Adrienne Forstner-Barthell, M.D. MED ‘00, S ‘05 Phoenix, Arizona
Richard Fulton, M.D. RD ’69 Goleta, California
Robert Gasior, M.D. S ’66 Burr Ridge, Illinois
Herbert Gladen, M.D. MED ’76, S ’82 Burnsville, Minnesota
Harry Greditzer III, M.D. RD ’81 Saint Louis, Missouri
Thomas Griffith, M.D. OR ’80 Lynden, Washington
Jerry Hall, M.D. MED ’90, I1 ’91, ANES ’94
Lucinda Harris, M.D. GI ’04 Scottsdale, Arizona
Sanders Hearne, M.D. I ’78, CV ’81 Shreveport, Louisiana
Leif Jensen, M.D. MED ’06, PRES ’07 Saint Paul, Minnesota
R. Kent Jex, M.D. S ’87, TS ’90 Lincoln, Nebraska
Martin Kanne, M.D. NS ’82, FM ’84 Kansas City, Missouri
Karen Keane, D.O. PD ’88 Beaufort, South Carolina
Christina Kendrick, M.D. ANPD ’14
Jothydev Kesavadez, M.D. ENDO ’03 Trivandrum, India
Tarek Khalife, M.D. OBG ‘16 North Mankato, Minnesota
Barbara Kimbrough, M.D. MED ‘76, OPH ‘80 Johns Island, South Carolina
Kyle Kircher, M.D. MED ’94, FM ’97, FMSP ’98 Stillwater, Minnesota
Stephanie Mengden Koon, M.D. DERM ’06 Portland, Oregon
Claudette Lajam, M.D. OR ’04
Richard Laue, M.D. MED ’96 San Marcos, Texas
Linda Lehman, M.D. OPH '95 Ames, Iowa
Chrystia Lilley, M.D. MED ’10 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mark Litzow, M.D. I ’83, ARM ’85, HEMO ’89 Rochester, Minnesota
Stanley Liu, M.D. MED ’09 Catonsville, Maryland
John Loftus, M.D. MED ’89, S ’94, VASS ’95 Napa, California
Seamus Lynch, M.D. ENDO ’71 Brighton, England
John Manesis, M.D. RD ’74 Fargo, North Dakota
Mark Mannenbach, M.D. PD ’96 Rochester, Minnesota
Anna McDowell, M.D. MED ’09 Denver, Colorado
Hagop Mekhjian, M.D. GI ’69 Columbus, Ohio
Benjamin Mow, M.B.B.S., M.D. I ’97, HEMO ’01 Singapore
Christina Pabelick, M.D. ANES ’03 Elgin, Minnesota
Burdett Porter, M.D. MED ’88 Sayre, Pennsylvania
Yupadi Prasertwanitch, M.D. ANES ’76 Granger, Indiana
Francisco Ramirez, M.D. GI ’10 Scottsdale, Arizona
Jane Reiman, M.D. PMR ’77 Rochester, Minnesota
Gerold Schiebler, M.D. PHYS ’60 Amelia Island, Florida
Denise Schweda, M.D. FM ’03 Phoenix, Arizona
Nilay Shah, M.D. S ’14 New York, New York
Thomas Shives, M.D. OR ’79 Rochester, Minnesota
Olayemi Sokumbi, M.D. MED ’09, I1 ’10, DERM ’13 Jacksonville, Florida
Randolph Steer, M.D., Ph.D. MED ’76 Roswell, Georgia
John Stroehlein, M.D. I ’72, GI ’74 Houston, Texas
James Tiede, M.D. I ’68, OPH ’70, I ’72 Spicer, Minnesota
Philip Utter, M.D. PRES ’02, NS ’08 Shreveport, Louisiana
Sudhakar Venkatesh, M.D. RD ’07 Rochester, Minnesota
Paschalis Vergidis, M.D. TRANM ‘10, LABM ‘12
Robert Waller, M.D. I ’67, OPH ’70 Memphis, Tennessee
Gail Welsh, M.D. ARM ’99 Rochester, Minnesota
Guy Whitehead III, M.D. MED ’80 Happy Valley, Oregon
Robert Wilder, M.D., Ph.D. ANES ’00 Rochester, Minnesota
Ewa Wysokinska, M.D. HEMO ’13 Jacksonville, Florida