Mayo Clinic Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Mayo Clinic Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 1981 by the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees to acknowledge and show appreciation for the exceptional contributions of Mayo alumni to the field of medicine, including medical practice, research, education, and administration. Individuals receiving this award are recognized nationally — and often internationally — in their field.

Selection criteria

Nominees should be members of the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association who:

  • Achieved national or international peer recognition of accomplishments in education, research, clinical practice or administration 
  • Published in significant scientific journals 
  • Reached leadership in his or her field 
  • Demonstrated professional integrity 
  • Able to attend the Mayo Clinic Distinguished Alumni Award dinner (held annually, typically in October)

NominateA Mayo Clinic Alumni Association member may nominate one candidate each year for the Mayo Clinic Distinguished Alumni Award. Previously nominated candidates may be nominated again. Nominations must include the following:

  • A completed nomination form 
  • A nomination letter summarizing the nominee’s attributes and accomplishments 
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae and bibliography 
  • Letters of recommendation from Mayo alumni or other individuals (at least three and no more than five letters)

Mayo Clinic Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

*Denotes deceased as of August 13, 2016


Kai-Nan An, Ph.D.
(BIOM) ’75
Rochester, Minnesota

Albert Czaja, M.D.
(GI) ’77
Rochester, Minnesota

James Eisenach, M.D.
(ANES) ‘85
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

David Feliciano, M.D.
(S) ‘71
Indianapolis, Indiana


C. Garrison Fathman, M.D.
(IMM) ’77
Stanford, CA

Bernard Gersh, M.B., Ch.B.
(CV) ’79
Rochester, MN

Audrey Nelson, M.D.
(I) ’69, (RHEU) ’71
Rochester, MN

Kristina Rother, M.D.
(PD) ’88, (PD) ’91, (PED) ’94
Kensington, MD


E. Rolland Dickson, M.D.
(I) ’64
Rochester, MN

Brian G. M. Durie, M.D.
(I) ’70, (HEM) ’72
West Hollywood, CA

K. Krishnan Unni, M.B.B.S.
(PATH) ’70, (SGPA) ’74
Milwaukee, WI

Richard M. Weinshilboum, M.D.
(PHAR) ’72
Rochester, MN


Stephen Carmichael, Ph.D., D.Sc.
(ANAT) ‘82
Rochester, MN

Richard DeRemee, M.D.
(I) ‘66
Rochester, MN

Olaf Paulson, M.D., DMSc
(N) ‘73
Copenhagen, Denmark

Robert G. Siekert, M.D.,
(N) ‘50
Rochester, MN

Cornelia Weyand, M.D.,
(RHEUM) ‘91
Palo Alto, CA

Eugene P. DiMagno, M.D.,
(I) ’68, (GI) ‘70
Rochester, MN

Thomas F. Luscher, M.D.,
(PHYS) ‘84
Zurich, Switzerland

Richard F. Brubaker, M.D.,
(OPH) ’70
Rochester, MN

Gene G. Hunder, M.D.,
(I ) ’63
Rochester, MN

Keith A. Kelly, M.D.,
(PHYS) ’67
Rochester, MN

Guillermo Ruiz- Argüelles, M.D.,
(HEM) ’83
Puebla, México

David E. Clapham, M.D., Ph.D.,
(PHAR) ‘87
Boston, MA

Eugene B. Kern, M.D.,
Rochester, MN

Bernard F. Morrey, M.D.,
(S)’72, (OR) ‘76
Rochester, MN

John D. Stobo, M.D.,
(IMM) ‘73
Oakland, CA

Franklyn G. Knox, M.D., Ph. D.,
(PHYS) ‘71
Rochester, MN

Irwin J. Schatz, M.D.,
(I) ‘61
Honolulu, HI

Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D.,
(I) ‘58
Rochester, MN

Jon A. van Heerden, M.B., Ch.B.,
(S) ‘70
Charleston, SC

Andrew G. Engel, M.D.,
(I) ’61, (N) ‘62
Rochester, MN

Roland W. Moskowitz, M.D.,
(I) ’55, (R) ‘60
Beachwood, OH

Peter C. Pairolero, M.D.,
(S) ’71, (TS) ‘74
Bessemer, MI

Robert B. Wallace, M.D.,
(CS) ‘64
McLean, VA

John Braasch, M.D., Ph.D.
(S) ‘55
Lincoln, MA

Peter Dyck, M.D.
(N) ‘60
Rochester, MN

Robert Frye, M.D.
(CV) ‘62
Rochester, MN

Paul Vanhoutte, M.D., Ph.D.
(PHYS) ‘69
Hong Kong, China

Hubert G.W. Frohmüller, M.D., M.S.
(U) ‘63
Würzburg, Germany

Robert E. Hyatt, M.D.
(PCC) ‘73
Rochester, MN

Philip R. Lee, M.D.
(I) ‘55
Palo Alto, CA

Sir Brian G. Barratt-Boyes, M.D.
(S) ‘55*
Milford, New Zealand

Robert A. Kyle, M.D.
(I) ‘59
Rochester, MN

Richard K. Winkelmann, M.D., Ph.D.
(DERM) ‘56*
Fountain Hills, AZ

Howard A. Andersen, M.D.
(S)‘49, (I) ‘51*
Rochester, MN

Edmund Y.S. Chao, PhD.
(OR) ‘72
Catonsville, MD

Kenneth G. Mann, Ph.D.
(HEM) ‘72
Grand Isle, VT

Francis J. Haddy, M.D., Ph.D.
(I) ‘51
Rochester, MN

Gertrude M. Tyce, Ph.D.
(BIOC) ‘63
Rochester, MN

Jack P. Whisnant, M.D.
(I) ‘53, (N) ‘55
Rochester, MN

Valentin Fuster, M.D., Ph.D.
(I) ‘72, (CV) ‘74
New York City, NY

Vay Liang W. Go, M.D.
(I) ‘67, (GI) ‘71
Los Angeles, CA

Kai Rehder, M.D.
(I) ‘58, (ANES) ‘61
Vail, CO

Robert W.M. Frater, M.B., Ch.B., M.S.
(S) ‘60 (TS) ‘61
Bronxville, NY

Alan F. Hofmann, M.D.
(GI) ‘77
La Jolla, CA

John W. Joyce, M.D.
(I) ‘63
Rochester, MN

B. Lawrence Riggs, M.D.
(I) ‘62
Rochester, MN

Suzanne T. Ildstad, M.D.
(Med) ‘78
Louisville, KY

William H. ReMine Jr., M.D.
(S) ‘45*
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

John A. Washington, M.D.
(M) ‘68*
Cleveland, OH

Donato Alarcón-Segovia, M.D., M.S.
(I) ‘64*
Mexico City, Mexico

Leonard T. Kurland, M.D., Ph.D.
(N) ‘53*
Rochester, MN

John E. Woods, M.D., Ph.D.
(Pls) ‘68
Rochester, MN

Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola, M.B.
(Phys) ‘66
Los Angeles, CA

Edward C. Rosenow, III, M.D., M.S.
(Thd, I) ‘65
Rochester, MN

Robert J. White, M.D., Ph.D.
(NS) ‘59
Cleveland, OH

Arnold S. Anderson Jr., M.D.
(Pd) ‘50
Scandia, MN

John R. Blinks, M.D.
(Phar) ‘68*
Friday Harbor, WA

Richard J. Reitemeier, M.D.
(I) ‘54*
Rochester, MN

E.J. Walter Bowie, M.D.
(I) ‘61*
Rochester, MN

Juan Ramon de la Fuente, M.D.
(P) ‘80
Mexico City, Mexico

Alexander J. Walt, M.D.
(S) ‘56*
Huntington Woods, MI

Hugh R. Butt, M.D.
(I) ‘38*
Rochester, MN

Harold O. Perry, M.D.
(Derm) ‘53*
Rochester, MN

Martin A. Adson, M.D.
(S) ‘57*
Rochester, MN

Robert J. Ryan, M.D.
(Bioc) ‘67*
Rochester, MN

Harold J. C. Swan, M.D.
(Phys) ‘55*
Beverly Hills, CA

Norman L. Browse, M.D.
(S) ‘65
London, England

Howard B. Burchell, M.D.
(I) ‘40*
St. Paul, MN

Edward D. Henderson, M.D.
(Or) ‘51*
Rochester, MN

William M. Manger, M.D., Ph.D.
(I) ‘55
New York City, NY

Vernon R. Mattox, Ph.D.
(Bioc) ‘52*
Rochester, MN

Ross H. Miller, M.D.
(NS) ‘54
Hilton Head Island, SC

James C. Hunt, M.D.
(I) ‘58
Memphis, TN

Robert W. Jamplis, M.D.
(TS) ‘53*
Palo Alto, CA

H. Corwin Hinshaw, Ph.D., M.D.
(I) ‘36*
Belvedere, CA

Edward H. Lambert, M.D.
(Phys) ‘43*
Rochester, MN

Kenneth G. Berge, M.D.
(I) ‘55
Rochester, MN

John P. Utz, M.D.
(I) ‘52*
Washington, DC

Charles A. Owen Jr., M.D.
(I) ‘50*
Rochester, MN

Crowell Beard, M.D.
(Oph) ‘43*
Redwood City, CA

Hillier L. Baker, M.D.
(R) ‘56*
Rochester, MN

Jesse E. Edwards, M.D.
(Path) ‘46*
St. Paul, MN

Collin S. MacCarty, M.D.
(NS) ‘44*
Rochester, MN

Charles C. Edwards, M.D.
(S) ‘56*
La Jolla, CA

Oliver H. Beahrs, M.D.
(S) ‘50*
Rochester, MN

John T. Shepherd, M.D.
(Phys) ‘54*
Rochester, MN

Mark B. Coventry, M.D.
(Or) ‘42*
Rochester, MN

F. Henry Ellis Jr., M.D.
(TS) ‘53*
Burlington, MA

Griff T. Ross, M.D., Ph.D.
(I) ‘60*
Houston, TX

Earl H. Wood, M.D., Ph.D.
(PHYS) ‘42*
Rochester, MN

L. Emmerson Ward, M.D.
(RHEUM) ‘50
Rochester, MN

Shervert H. Frazier Jr., M.D.
(P) ‘57
Concord, MN

Thomas W. McElin, M.D.
(ObG) ‘50*
Chicago, IL

David C. Dahlin, M.D.
(PATH) ‘48*
Rochester, MN

John W. Kirklin, M.D.
(S) ‘50*
Birmingham, AL

Dwight C. McGoon, M.D.
(S) ‘57*
Rochester, MN