Sharon  Yegiaian

Sharon Yegiaian

Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education (MSGME), 2012

Additional information

Mayo Clinic Education

Campus: Mayo Clinic in Rochester

Name: Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education (MSGME)

Degree: Resident

Specialty: Neuromuscular Disorders-Nerve

Year: 2012

Other Education

Name: UCLA


Specialty: Neuromuscular Medicine

Year: 2013

Name: Univ of Vermont - Burlington

Degree: MDSTD


Year: 2007

Name: University of Arizona


Specialty: Neurology and Psychiatry

Year: 2011

Name: USC


Specialty: Geriatric Medicine

Year: 2001

Fields of Practice
  • Neurology
Professional Organizations

Name: American Academy of Neurology
Role: Member

Name: California Neurology Society
Role: Secretary

Medical / Research Interests

This individual does not have any interests saved at this time.

Mayo Clinic Societies
  • Name: Mayo Clinic Alumni Association
    Role: MCAA Regular Membership


Lives in: Pasadena, BCN

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