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Biennial Priestley Schedule


Priestley Society Scientific Sessions

2017 Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Biennial Meeting

Mayo Clinic in Florida


Friday, Oct. 6

9-10 a.m.
Executive Council Meeting
Room 1107

CME Session
Walker Auditorium
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida


1:30-1:40 p.m.
Opening remarks

John Stulak, M.D. (S ’06, TS ’08, CS ’09, TS ’10), Secretary Treasurer, Priestley Society


1:40-2 p.m.
Importance of Surgeons in Healthcare Leadership

William Stone, M.D. (S ’88), Mayo Clinic in Arizona


2-2:20 p.m.
Inlow Award Winner
Lessons Learned from the Implementation of a Trauma Mortality Review in Central Africa

Cornelius Thiels, D.O. (S ’18), Mayo Clinic in Rochester


2:20-2:40 p.m.
Enhanced Recovery Pathway After Liver Transplantation

C. Burcin Taner, M.D. (S ’04, TRANS ’06), Mayo Clinic in Florida


2:40-3 p.m.
Challenges in Transplantation — Achieving Success with a Three-Site Solution

Charles Rosen, M.D. (MED ’84, S ’89, TRANS ’91), Mayo Clinic in Rochester


3-3:10 p.m.


3:10-3:20 p.m.
Business meeting


3:20-3:40 p.m.
Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures at Mayo Clinic — Practice Evolution, Lessons Learned and New Directions

Brian Kim, M.D. (S ’06), Mayo Clinic in Rochester


3:40-4 p.m.
Clinical Outcomes after Simultaneous Ventral Hernia Repair and Panniculectomy in New York State. A 5-Year Retrospective Cohort Study

Sami Khan, M.D. (PLS ’04), Stony Brook School of Medicine, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York


4-4:20 p.m.
ReMine Lecture

Rakesh Suri, M.D., D. Phil. (TS ’06), Cleveland Clinic


4:20-4:40 p.m.
Legacy Professor

Bruce Wolff, M.D. (CRS ’82), Mayo Clinic in Rochester
Introduction by Lawrence Prabhakar, M.D. (MED ’92, S ’97, CRS ’98), OSF Healthcare, Peoria, Illinois


4:40-5 p.m.
Presidential Address*

Francis Nichols III, M.D. (S ’89, TS ’92)

*by video