Enrique Chaves, M.D. (PD ’67, PDN ’75)

Enrique Chaves, M.D., PD 67, PDN 75, contributed to the centennial celebration of the opening of the Panama Canal by giving a talk at Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology in Kansas City, MO, on “American Medicine and the Panama Canal: Miasmas, Mosquitoes and Malaria”; another talk at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies in Lawrence, KS, on “American Medicine and the Panama Canal: The Conquest of Malaria, Yellow Fever and other Tropical Diseases”; co-curated an exhibit at Clendening History of Medicine Library in Kansas City, KS on “A Triumph of American Medicine: William Gorgas, Ancon Hospital and the Panama Canal”; and published two books on the subject: Proceedings of the Canal Zone Medical Association (1908-1927) and Apuntes para el Centenario: La Salud y el Canal de Panamá.

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