Imon Banerjee, Ph.D. (RD ’22), receives funding for upcoming project, Mayo Clinic Arizona

Imon Banerjee, Ph.D. (RD ’22), Department of Radiology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, received funding for the project “A Novel Debiasing Approach to Reduce Inherent Disparities of AI Models in Assessing Breast Cancer Risk” from the Mayo Clinic Center for Digital Health Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Enablement Awards. The awards in this program are delivered in partnership with the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity and are funded as part of a grant from Dalio Philanthropies. The awards support projects that demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be integrated into clinical practice to benefit health care professionals, patients and consumers in meaningful and measurable ways. The projects selected for 2023 promote the development and implementation of strategies to prevent or minimize the bias or social inequity that AI can introduce or reinforce. Dr. Banerjee’s project will develop and validate a technique to reduce the racial and socioeconomic disparities seen in current state-of-the-art AI models applied in health care while preserving the improved performance of diagnostic accuracy associated with AI models. Dr. Banerjee is an associate professor of radiology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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