Jithma Abeykoon, M.D. (I ’18, HEMO ’21), receives a grant, Mayo Clinic Rochester

Jithma Abeykoon, M.D. (I ’18, HEMO ’21), Division of Hematology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, received a 2023 Young Investigator Draft Class grant from Uplifting Athletes. Dr. Abeykoon’s grant will support research to uncover prognostic markers and novel therapeutic strategies for patients with Erdheim-Chester disease, a rare form of blood cancer. Inspired by the NFL Draft, the Young Investigator Draft awards $200,000 in research grants to 10 all-star scientists at the beginning of their careers. Each Young Investigator Draft scientist is nominated by a patient advocacy organization recognized by Uplifting Athletes as a priority partner, with grants equally co-funded by Uplifting Athletes and the nominating organization. Uplifting Athletes is a nonprofit organization that connects student-athletes across the country as well as professional athlete ambassadors with their local rare disease community to raise awareness and funds and bring inspiration and hope to those impacted by rare diseases, which is approximately one in 10 Americans. Dr. Abeykoon is an assistant professor of medicine and oncology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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