Jonathan Morris, M.D., is medical director, Mayo Clinic Biomedical & Scientific Visualization, Division of Experiential Learning

Jonathan Morris, M.D. (RD ’06, RNEU ’07), Division of Neuroradiology, Mayo Clinic Department of Radiology, is now medical director for Biomedical and Scientific Visualization in the Division of Experiential Learning.

Dr. Morris will work closely with the teams in Experiential Learning, including Multidisciplinary Simulation, Procedural Skills Mastery, Clinical Anatomy, and Microsurgery Training. He will develop strategies for improving patient care and patient safety, clinical education and research through innovations in immersive learning techniques and tools. Dr. Morris also will work to ensure the growth and advancement of the priority work of Mayo Clinic’s longstanding specialty of medical illustration.

Dr. Morris is an assistant professor of radiology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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