Joy Emelie Wolfram, Ph.D., to speak at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on nanomedicine

joy emelie wolfram

Joy Emelie Wolfram, Ph.D.

Joy Emelie Wolfram, Ph.D. (TRANM ’17), Division of Transplant Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Florida, will deliver a keynote presentation about the future of nanomedicine at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris, France, on Oct. 26.

Her Nanomedicine and Extracellular Vesicles Lab on the Florida campus is developing new treatments for metastatic breast cancer and various forms of liver damage.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit supports and accelerates the world’s most promising scientists and entrepreneurs who are changing the world using advanced technologies to find solutiosn to real-world problems.

Dr. Wolfram also is an assistant professor of medicine.

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