Kathleen Hectorne, M.D., receives awards from Women’s Dermatologic Society

kathleen hectorne

Kathleen Hectorne, M.D.

Kathleen Hectorne, M.D. (I ’93), Mayo Clinic Department of Dermatology, received two awards from the Women’s Dermatologic Society. The awards, presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting, were the Rose Hirschler Award for significant contributions to medicine and dermatology and service to enhance the role of women in the specialty; and the President’s Award for support of the president of the Women’s Dermatologic Society.

“I’m honored to have been recognized by my peers, whom I hold in high regard, and am humbled that I have been chosen for not one but two awards,” says Dr. Hectorne. “Through the Women’s Dermatologic Society, I have had the opportunity to work with strong, enlightened, extraordinary men and women who have advised, encouraged and befriended me. Through my role on the board of directors and Executive Committee, I have developed personally and professionally, enabling me to better serve my patients and community.”

The Women’s Dermatologic Society is the third-largest dermatology society in the country.

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