Kyriakos Chatzopoulous, M.D., is chief resident, Mayo Clinic Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program, Rochester

Kyriakos Chatzopoulous, M.D. (PATH ’18, APTH ’20), is a chief resident is a chief resident for the 2019-2020 academic year in the Mayo Clinic Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program in Rochester. He is a second-year anatomic pathology resident with a focus on head and neck pathology. Dr. Chatzopoulos received his medical degree and a master’s degree in medical research methodology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Medicine in Greece and then trained in anatomic pathology and oncologic translational research in the university’s department of pathology. His research focuses on the role of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in solid tumors, especially of the head and neck, as well as the use of novel molecular technologies to identify new fusion gene transcripts in salivary gland tumors.

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