Nguyen Tran, M.D. (ONCL ’12), receives an award, Mayo Clinic Rochester

Nguyen Tran, M.D. (ONCL ’12), Division of Medical Oncology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, received a five-year K23 Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award for her project “Working to Eliminate Care Disparities in Liver Cancer in Southeast Asian Americans: Transportation and Other Social Determinants of Health.” Dr. Tran’s project will provide opportunities to explore why Southeast Asian Americans are diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma at eight times the rate of the general population and at twice the rate of other Asian Americans. Her project will also work to understand how social determinants of health impact how medical care is rendered to this underserved group of patients. Dr. Tran is an assistant professor of oncology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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