Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, M.D. (CCMI ’08, THDC ’10, CTSA ’13), received an award, Mayo Clinic Arizona

Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, M.D. (CCMI ’08, THDC ’10, CTSA ’13), Division of Pulmonary Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, received a 2023 Decentralized Clinical Trials award from the Mayo Clinic Decentralized Clinical Trials team, in partnership with Research and the Clinical Trials Strategy and Governance team. This initiative aims to establish digital products, personnel and processes to support research teams. Dr. Cartin-Ceba’s project, “Pilot Clinical Trial of a Home-Based Program of Rehabilitation with Health Coaching to Improve Outcomes in Post-Intensive Care Syndrome Patients,” will test the feasibility and safety of a refined, home-based, nurse health coach-facilitated program intervention that includes physical rehabilitation, physical activity and symptom monitoring, and remote health coaching on health-related quality of life in ICU survivors suffering from post-intensive care syndrome in a pilot, randomized, two-arm, controlled clinical trial. Dr. Cartin-Ceba is a professor of medicine in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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