Scott Kolbaba, M.D., authors Physicians’ Untold Stories

Physicians’ Untold Stories was written by alumnus Scott Kolbaba, M.D.

Scott Kolbaba, M.D. (I ’80), of Wheaton, Illinois, wrote the book Physicians’ Untold Stories: Miraculous Experiences Doctors Are Hesitant to Share with Their Patients or Anyone!

According to the publisher: “Doctors work in life-and-death situations every day. But what happens when they encounter something even they can’t explain scientifically? Dreams foretelling future events, apparitions, and other miraculous experiences fill this book, as practicing doctors recount the most unusual moments of their careers.

“Physicians’ Untold Stories doesn’t stop at chronicling these occurrences. Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, provides a glimpse into the lives of doctors that few get to experience. Learn their agonies and joys. In their own words, doctors reach out to you and show you how faith in the divine has shaped their lives. Even in the darkest of times, as they comfort terminally ill patients and make impossible choices, moments of light shine through.”


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