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Stanley Berry, M.D., writes novel “A Fight for Full Disclosure”

Stanley Berry, M.D. (MED ’84), of Royal Oak, Michigan, has written a novel, “A Fight for Full Disclosure.” The novel focuses on Carla Williams, a mother of three and popular high school teacher, who undergoes a routine surgery which does not go as planned. Department Chair, Harold Thompson, becomes an unlikely ally when he vows to find and share the truth about what happened to Carla. Thompson reassures Carla’s distraught physician as he becomes convinced that the surgeon did nothing wrong. Despite the hospital’s pledge of transparency, once the requisite investigation is completed, Thompson’s efforts to keep his word collide with the institution’s traditions of secrecy and finger-pointing. The department chair’s quest to reveal the truth results in accusations of unprofessional conduct, and he is targeted by the hospital’s power brokers who move to revoke his hospital privileges and fire him. What began as a fight for full disclosure also becomes a fight for Thompson’s career and his reputation.

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