Theresa Emory, M.D. (PATH ’94), will receive an award, Williamsburg, Virginia

theresa emory

Theresa Emory, M.D. (PATH ’94), Williamsburg, Virginia, will receive the Dr. Mary Elizabeth Fowkes HOD Pathology Achievement Award from the College of American Pathologists’ House of Delegates. The award recognizes a current or former House of Delegates member who demonstrates commitment to and achievements in bridging state and federal resources to advance the work of pathologists, and/or who excels in the ability to work effectively across various pathology organizations to identify common ground and address issues of concern. Dr. Emory was recognized for contributions to pathology, particularly at the state level where she revitalized the Virginia Society of Pathology from an inactive organization to one that now offers valuable networking opportunities and compelling programs. Dr. Emory is an anatomic and clinical pathologist at Peninsula Pathology Associates, Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia. She also is president-elect of the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association.

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