Ugur Sener, M.D. (I ’15, N ’18), received an award, Mayo Clinic Rochester

Ugur Sener, M.D. (I ’15, N ’18), Department of Neurology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, received a 2023 Decentralized Clinical Trials award from the Mayo Clinic Decentralized Clinical Trials team, in partnership with Research and the Clinical Trials Strategy and Governance team. This initiative aims to establish digital products, personnel and processes to support research teams. Dr. Sener’s project, “Neuro-Oncology Anywhere: Deploying Mayo Clinic’s Remote Cognitive Assessment Battery and Wearable Device Monitoring Platform While Assessing the Impact of Metformin on Cognition and Quality of Life in Patients With History of Cranial Radiation,” will investigate the feasibility of Mayo Clinic’s remote cognitive assessment, Mayo Test Drive, and wearable device monitoring as a platform for effective remote monitoring in patients who have undergone intracranial radiation for primary or metastatic brain tumors. Dr. Sener is an assistant professor of neurology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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