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Resources for Mayo Clinic Alumni

AskMayoExpert COVID-19 Navigator

Mayo Clinic has elected to make publicly available the COVID-19 content we have created to guide our practice activities. Content has been reorganized and when accessed through the COVID-19 Navigator (link above) is updated regularly.

Content alumni have found here since March 25, 2020 is still noted below but is no longer updated regularly or may have been discontinued.

Research opportunities and updates


Podcasts and video

In the news

Clinical Trials


PPE Educational Resources

The following are updated links to continuously updated content:

The following links have been discontinued:

  • Inpatient PPE Donning Doffing Pictorial (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • Outpatient PPE Pictorial (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • PPE Reuse Guidelines (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • PPE Checklist for Aerosol Droplet Isolation Precautions (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • PPE Combinations for Modified Droplet Precautions (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • Mask Collection Bins for Reprocessing (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • Inpatient PPE with Reusable Face Shield Pictorial (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • AGP with N95 PPE Pictorial (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • AGP with N95 PPE with Reusable Face Shield Pictorial (link discontinued 07.01.2020)
  • Masking Requirement FAQ (link discontinued 07.01.2020)


Respiratory etiquette and check-in screening tools

Evaluating for Covid-19

Management of suspected COVID-19


Pharmaceutical (section added 03.30.2020)

  • Inpatient Drug Regimens (updated 04.29.2020 formerly titled Chloroquine Hydroxychloroquine Conservation Guidance and Azithromycin Conservation Guideline)


Guidance for providers notifying patients

Process Flow Examples

Operational resources


Other Resources:

Created by Mayo Clinic alumnus Derek O’Keeffe, M.B. B. Ch. (ENDO ’15) and the National University of Ireland – this site is a free global crowd-sourced solution for local industry (such as universities, labs, veterinarians, dentists, etc.) who have PPE to offer donations of equipment to their local hospital. (This site has not been vetted by Mayo Clinic or the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association.)

About Linked Content

Linked content is shared as educational material only to assist with mitigation efforts during the current COVID-19 pandemic and does not constitute the practice of medicine. With information changing quickly, Mayo Clinic expressly states that information is provided “as is” and “with all faults” and will have no liability for outcomes from use of such information.

If you have any feedback about this content and how we can better serve you during this time, please send a message to the Alumni Center here.

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