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Department of Internal Medicine Awards presented at Mayo Clinic in Rochester

The Department of Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester presented awards to residents and honored those selected for endowed fellowships.

department of internal medicine

John Bois, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

  • John Bois, M.D. (MED ’09, I ’12, CTSA ’15, CV ’16)
  • Megan Krause, M.D. (I ’12, CMR ’13, CTSA ’15, RHEU ’16)
  • Julio Sartori Valinotti, M.D. (I-1 ’10, I ’12, DERM ’15, DPATH ’16)
  • Brandon Verdoom, M.D. (MED ’09, I ’12, GERI ’14)
department of internal medicine

Deirdre Pachman, M.D.

Outstanding Research Awards

  • Deirdre Pachman, M.D. (I ’12, HEMO ’15, HEMO ’16, PLM ’16)
  • Sandeep Patel, M.D. (I ’12)

Endowed Fellowships

  • Sonal Pannu, M.B.B.S., The Burgher Family Fellowship in Pulmonary Diseases (CCM-I ’11, THDCC ’13)
  • Philip Hart, M.D. (I ’10, GI ’13, GI-PN ’14), Marinelli Fellowship
  • Caroline Grady, M.D. (I ’13), Mayo Brothers’ Distinguished Fellowship
  • Philip Hart, M.D. (I ’10, GI ’13, GI-PN ’14), Mayo Brothers’ Distinguished Fellowship
  • Megan Krause, M.D. (I ’12, CMR ’13, CTSA ’15, RHEU ’16), LeeAnn McCaffrey, M.D., Women in Medicine Award
  • Jane Njeru, M.B., Ch.B. (I ‘2, PCIR ’13), Joseph D. Messler M.D. Fellowship)
  • Mark Lewis, M.D., Tow Shung Tan Humanism in Medicine Award
    department of internal medicine

    Philip Hart, M.D.

Subspecialty Fellow Awards

  • Crystal Bonnichsen, M.D. (I ’07, CV ’11, CV-CH ’12), Cardiovascular Diseases Award (Clinical), Outstanding Achievement
  • Irina Bancos, M.D. (ENDO ’12), Randall G. Sprague Award in Endocrinology
  • Robert Huebert, M.D. (I ’09, CI ’10, GI ’12, HEPAT ’13), J. Arnold Bargen Award in Gastroenterology
  • Karthik Ravi, M.D. (I ’08, GI-MO ’09, GI ’12), Eugenie Mayer Bolz Award in Gastroenterology
  • John Kisiel, M.D. (I ’07, CMR ’08 GIHN ’09, GI ’12, CTSA ’13), Fiterman Fellow Award in Gastroenterology
  • Jonathan Bleekeer, M.D. (HEMO ’12), Hematology/Oncology Award, Outstanding Achievement
  • Andrea Wahner Hendrickson, M.D. (I ’08, CI ’10, HEMO ’12), Hematology/Oncology Award, Outstanding Achievement
  • Avish Nagpal, M.B.B.S. (INFD ’13), Joseph E. Geraci Award in Infectious Diseases
  • Juan Calle, M.D. (NEPH ’12), Nephrology, Outstanding Achievement Award (Clinical)
  • Bharath Akkara Veetil, M.B.B.S. (RHEU ’12), Philip S. Hench Award in Rheumatology
  • Mark Lewis, M.D. (HEMO ’12), Edward C. Rosenow III Fellow Teaching Award
  • Thais Coutinho, M.D. (I ’08, CV ’12, CV-EC ’13), William H.J. Summerskill Award, Subspecialty Fellow (Research)
    department of internal medicine

    Crystal Bonnichsen, M.D.

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