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Mayo Clinic App Update Includes Touch ID, Passbook and Radiology Images

Mayo Clinic announced this week the update of the Mayo Clinic app, available as a free download from Apple’s App Store. Mayo’s flagship mobile app now includes access to radiology images and Touch ID, and is compatible with Apple’s Passbook.

Touch ID

Apple users now can more easily and securely authenticate access to the Mayo Clinic app on-the-go from any iOS 8-enabled device. The patient’s fingerprint is the password and with a touch of the home button on the device, the Touch ID sensor quickly reads the fingerprint and automatically logs into the Mayo Clinic app.


Users of the Mayo Clinic app can now leave their Mayo Clinic patient appointment guide at home. Upcoming appointments appear as a pass within the Passbook app. Users can see their appointment details from the lock screen of their iOS device with a simple swipe of the appointment pass.

Radiology images

Patients will now have anywhere, anytime access to their radiology images and reports within the Mayo Clinic app. This gives patients flexibility and greater access to their health information. These images are for a patient’s information only, and not meant to be used for diagnostic purposes.

The Mayo Clinic app also integrates with Apple Health, providing users a clear and current overview of their health and fitness data.

“Mayo’s mobile app team continues to work closely with Apple to help provide the best health-based app experience,” says John T. Wald, M.D., medical director, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs. “Through upgrades including Touch ID and Passbook, we are improving the overall patient experience. As a practicing radiologist, it is certainly exciting to allow patients to view and share their radiology images. To our knowledge, this is the first time patients will be allowed to view and share these types of complex medical images on their mobile devices.

Mayo Clinic app users can trust that their data is secure. App users have full control of their personal health information, and can decide what, if any, data is stored in the Apple Health app. To make the data-sharing process easier, Mayo has developed an easy-to-understand privacy statement.

Future updates to the app will include disease and condition management, and personalized feedback tailored for users. Mayo Clinic will continue to support and update the Mayo Clinic app on Android platforms.

This information first appeared in a Mayo Clinic press release on 01/13/2015.

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