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Mayo Clinic in Florida announces Research Accelerator grants

.The Research Accelerator for Clinicians Engaged in Research program at Mayo Clinic in Florida announces 2021 grant awardees. The program aims to cultivate future investigators by awarding intramural grants to clinicians for pursuing research projects, enabling them to blend practice with research. Ten clinicians were awarded funding for multiple research projects.

“This program continues to gain traction every year, which is our goal,” says Rickey Carter, Ph.D. (HSR ’09), vice chair, Department of Health Sciences Research, and director of the program. “We hope to engage clinicians and inspire research projects that will have impact for our patients down the line. Many resources are available through this program to help them work toward extramural grant submissions.”

Award recipients are:

Aakriti Carrubba, M.D. (GYNM ’20), Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “The Impact of Integrative Medicine on Patient-Reported Outcomes in Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain”

Joseph Cheung, M.D. (THDCC '20), Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Sleep Medicine, “Screening for Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Patients Recovered From COVID-19 Infection”

Adrian Dumitrascu, M.D. (HIM ’12), Hospital Internal Medicine, “Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Use in Inpatient Setting”

Meghana Halkar, M.B.B.S. (CVVM ’19, CVPR ’20), Division of General Internal Medicine, “Improving Well-Being in Heart Attack Survivors: The Potential Efficacy of Digitally Delivered Psychological Interventions”

Liuyan (Jennifer) Jiang, M.D. (PATH ’08), Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, “Impact of Treatment on the Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Plasma Cell Proliferative Disorders”

Jeremy Jones, M.D. (HEMO ’18), Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology/Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, “Development of a Rectal-Cancer-Specific Organoid Biorepository”

Dacre Knight, M.D. (GIM '19), Division of General Internal Medicine, “Sex Differences in Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome”

Erik Middlebrooks, M.D. (RD ’18), Department of Radiology, “Defining New Therapeutic Targets for Deep Brain Stimulation”

Prasanna Vibhute, M.D. (RD ’08), Department of Radiology, “Development of Noninvasive Imaging Biomarker for Preoperative Localization of Parathyroid Adenomas/Hyperplasia”

The Research Accelerator for Clinicians Engaged in Research program provides research infrastructure support for clinicians. Recipients can obtain assistance to apply to the Institutional Review Board, collect preliminary data, prepare journal manuscripts and navigate the grant process. Protected time is another benefit. The program is offered through the support of the Mayo Clinic in Florida Research Committee, the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (CCaTS) and the Department of Health Sciences Research.

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