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Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education announces Teacher of the Year Awards

Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, along with the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association and  Mayo Fellows’ Association in Rochester, has announced recipients of the Teacher of the Year Awards, and the Edward C. Kendall and Donald C. Balfour Alumni Awards for Meritorious Research.

Typically, Teachers of the Year are honored at a very well-attended event, where a trainee-nominator speaks about the mentor’s outstanding qualities. Due to the pandemic, this event was canceled. Please reach out to the 2020 Teachers of the Year to offer congratulations.

Teacher of the Year Awards

Recipients are nominated and voted on by residents and fellows in the respective programs. This
year’s recipients include:

Shreyasee Amin, M.D. (RHEU '00)

Catherine Arnold Fiebelkorn, M.D. (N '18, CBVD '19)

John Atkinson, M.D. (NS '90)
Neurologic Surgery

Irina Bancos, M.D. (ENDO '12)

Matthew Bartlett, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (I '15)
Internal Medicine — Outpatient General Internal Medicine

Thomas Billings, D.O. (FM '99)
Family Medicine — Rochester

James Boyum, M.D. (RCSX '14)

Teacher of the Year: John Chen, M.D., Ph.D. (OPH ’14), Department of Ophthalmology

Abhishek Deshmukh, M.B.B.S. (CVEP '16)

Christopher Deufel, Ph.D. (RADP '10)
Radiation Physics

Rohit Divekar, M.B.B.S., Ph.D. (AIM '15)
Allergy and Immunology

General Surgery Teachers of the Year
Benzon Dy, M.D. (S ’13, SEN ’14)

Ronald Go, M.D. (HEMO ’00)

Andrew Greenlund, M.D., Ph.D. (I ’99)

Loren Herrera Hernandez, M.D. (APATH '11)
Anatomic Pathology

Jason Homme, M.D. (MED ’99, PD ’02, PDCMR ’03)

Nathan Hull, M.D. (RD '16)

Naim Issa, M.D. (TRANM '08)

Yu Kawai, M.D. (PD '19)
Pediatrics and Subspecialties

Roberto Leon Ferre, M.D. (HEMO '18)

Travis McKenzie, M.D. (S '12)
Surgery and Subspecialties

Margaret Moutvic, M.D. (PMR '91)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Olivia Muller, D.D.S. (MPDO '17)
Dental Specialties

Richard Newcomb, M.D. (PREV '00)
Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine

Daniel Partain, M.D. (I '17)
Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Kemuel Philbrick, M.D. (PCON '92)

John Poterucha, M.D. (I '89, GI '92)

Aaron Potretzke, M.D. (U '18)

Kaaren Reichard, M.D. (HEMP '11)
Pathology, Clinical

Peter Rhee, D.O. (OR ’12, HAND ’13)
Career Development Award in Orthopedics Research
“Efficacy of Peripheral Nerve-Based Surgical Procedures to Alleviate Spastic Elbow Deformities in Patients With Upper Motor Neuron Injuries” 

Benjamin Sandefur, M.D. (MED '08)
Emergency Medicine

Bernardo Selim, M.D. (THDC '11)
Sleep Medicine

Joseph Skalski, M.D. (I '12, CMR '13, THDC '16)
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

M. Rizwan Sohail, M.D. (INFD '05)
Infectious Disease

Bradley Stish, M.D. (RADO '16)
Radiation Oncology

Derek Stitt, M.D. (I '15, N '18)

Janalee Stokken, M.D. (ENT '16)

Kyle Traynor, M.D. (OBG '03)
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kristin Vickers, Ph.D. (PSI '02)

Paul Warner, M.D. (MED '12, I1 '13, ANES '16)

David Wetter, M.D. (MED '04, I1 '05, DERM '08, DERMI '09)

Terrence Witt, M.D. (FM '18)
Family Medicine — Mayo Clinic Health System





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