Mayo Clinic School of Medicine’s student creative arts publication, The Tempest

For the last four years Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students have submitted work for a creative arts publication, The Tempest, a collection of poetry, prose and visual art meant to illustrate the growth of a medical student into a medical professional.

The publication’s student editors say:

Medical education is its own kind of tempest, a flurry of facts, figures and feelings. We confront the most intimate parts of the human experience, and to not be carried away by the swirling chaos, we
must remember the things that ground us. This publication was born as a space to create, a rock that grounds all of us to our own humanity. It was meant not only to capture our most vulnerable moments on our journey to becoming physicians, but also to remind us of the person behind the physician.

The Tempest is sponsored by the Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine.




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