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Alejandro Ruiz Arguelles, M.D. (M ’82)

Alejandro Ruiz Arguelles died on July 25, 2019.   Alejandro, 66 years old, was a Mayo Alumni who carried out an outstanding research and academic career in Mexico for more than 35 years. He was a Fellow at the Microbiology Research Laboratory in Rochester from 1980 through 1982. When he finished his training at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, University of Minnesota he received the Diploma from the American Board of Medical Laboratory-Immunology.

When he completed his  residency training at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutricion “Salvador Zubirán” in Mexico City, (his  mentor was  another distinguished Mayo Alumni, Dr Donato Alarcon-Segovia) in June 1980 he went to the Mayo Clinic with the Fogarty International Centre NIH and the American Association for Clinical Immunology scholarships.

Upon returning to Puebla, his home state, he joined his brother Guillermo, also a distinguished Mayo Clinic Alumnus in Laboratorios Clínicos de Puebla where both initiated a most productive scientific and academic career.  Alejandro published 177 medical articles in the most prestigious peer review Journals, he wrote 3 books and 50 book chapters and many letters to the editor. Up to the year 2014 he was cited 3147 times (ISI USA).

Alejandro will be missed by his family, his students from the Universidad Popular Autónoma de Puebla where he was a Professor of Medicine at the pre and postgraduate levels and also by his many friends in Mexico and abroad .

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