1946 - 2015

David Lloyd George “Red” Howard, M.D. (RHEU 1954)

Dr. Howard passed away peacefully at 93, on August 19, 2015, in Victoria, B.C., Canada with family at his bedside. He had survived his much beloved wife Helen by 16 years. Red never forgot his humble rural roots; he was the youngest son of pioneer homesteaders Margret and William Howard of Harris, Saskatchewan. Red practiced in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; he was one of Western Canada’s first Rheumatologists. He was a founding Physician of the University of Calgary (Cumming) School of Medicine. Red felt deeply honored to train with Dr. Philip Hench, who shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1950 for the discovery of cortisol.  Greatly missed by his 7 children (Dave, Catharine, Charlotte, Bill, Bob, Gord and Margaret) and 5 grandchildren (James, Allison, Kory, Lindsay and Katelyn) and their partners. His daughter Catharine Dewar, MD followed in his footsteps and is practicing Rheumatology in North Vancouver, Canada.

Obituary courtesy of family.