Jerry Katzmann, Ph.D. (LABM ‘76)

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Emeritus consultant Jerry Katzmann, Ph.D., passed away unexpectedly last week.

Dr. Katzmann began his career at Mayo Clinic in 1976 as a research associate under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Kyle with a focus on multiple myeloma and protein immunology. He eventually became a consultant in the Division of Immunopathology and later in the Division of Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (CBI). He retired from Mayo Clinic in 2014 and was an emeritus consultant in the Protein Immunology Laboratory. In addition to his work in the Protein Immunology Laboratory, he was an associate professor of laboratory medicine and pathology and an assistant professor of microbiology. Throughout his career, he was instrumental in developing many lab assays that are still used in the Mayo Clinic practice. Jerry was always committed to patient care and was a key member of the team signing out the various laboratory protein studies over the years.

Dr. Katzmann was also a member of the Division of Hematopathology for many years and was instrumental in starting the Cell Kinetic Laboratory and the flow cytometry service in this area.