1928 - 2016

John W. Arnold, M.D. (I 1959)

John Wait Arnold, MD born February 6, 1928 died May 25, 2016 from aspiration pneumonia secondary to vasospastic stroke.

John initiated his Internal Medicine training at University of Washington, but met Mayo faculty also serving in the post-WWII military in Europe.  John therefore completed his internal medicine residency at Mayo 1959.

John then assisted Mayo alumni Delwin Nowak in Bellingham, Washington before founding Consultants in Internal Medicine there in 1960.  John retired after 35 years practice in Bellingham.

John developed a portable “Hydraulic sarong” for rewarming hypothermia victims after his experience with Bellingham Mountain Rescue.

John’s was always proud of the quality, compassionate care at Mayo prompting me, his first son, to apply there for my ophthalmology residency.


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Obituary provided by family.