Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting: October 9, 2020


Friday, October 9, 2020

Welcome & Introductions

Carl Backer, M.D.MCAA President

  • Welcome and roundtable introductions

2019 Financials and 2020 Financials through June 30

M. Molly McMahon, M.D.MCAA Secretary-Treasurer

  • Review 2019 Financials and note financial report through June 30, 2020

Mission Statement Launch

Carl Backer, M.D.

  • Review plan for launch of new MCAA mission statement

New specialty society for Ophthalmology

Judith Anderson, Director, Mayo Clinic Alumni Center

  • Review proposal for new specialty society

Endowment for MCAA International Meetings

Judith Anderson

  • Information on a gift to alumni

School Updates

MCSGME – Vyas Krishna, M.D., Ph.D.
MCSBS – Cody Fisher
MCASOM – Kent Richter

  • Updates from learner representatives to the board

Alumni Center Update

Judith Anderson

  • Alumni Receptions a ’la COVID-19 (no attachment)
  • Summary of 2019 data and 2020 YTD data (no attachment)
  • 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients and recognition
  • 2021 Biennial Planning

2021 Budget

Molly McMahon, M.D.
Judith Anderson

  • Review proposed 2021 Budget


Carl Backer, M.D.

  • Time for additional discussion by board members


Carl Backer, M.D.

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