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Results of Match Day 2018 – which specialties and where geographically

Match Day 2018 matched 51 Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students with residencies in the following specialties:

  • 20% surgical specialties (urology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery)
  • 14% internal medicine
  • 12% pediatrics/med-pediatrics
  • 10% dermatology
  • 10% radiology
  • 8% anesthesiology
  • 6% emergency medicine
  • 6% neurology/child neurology
  • 6% psychiatry
  • 4% family medicine
  • 4% obstetrics/gynecology
  • 2% pathology

Geographically, here’s where Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students matched:

  • 29% matched at Mayo Clinic residencies in Arizona, Florida and Rochester
  • 39% matched in Minnesota
  • 25% will remain in the central U.S. (excluding Minnesota)
  • 33% will head west
  • 18% will head east
  • 6% will head south

For residency program directors at Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education and their teams within clinical departments, Match Week is the culmination of months of interviews ranking prospective graduates who hope to train at Mayo Clinic. This year, the school offered 311 residency positions across 63 Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education training programs at Mayo campuses in Arizona, Florida and Rochester.

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