Ruiz-Arguelles Family Recognized by Academia Nacional de Medicina de México

Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Board Member and Distinguished Alumni Award recipient (2011) Guillermo Ruiz-Argüelles, M.D. (HEM ’83), has been a member of the 150-year-old Academia Nacional de Medicina de México (ANMM, the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico) since 1987. His brother, Alejandro Ruiz-Argüelles, M.D. (M ‘82), and father, Guillermo Ruiz-Reyes, M.D., also are members of the ANMM. Recently, a third generation, Guillermo Ruiz-Delgado, M.D., was admitted to the ANMM. Dr. Ruiz-Delgado is the son of Dr. Guillermo Ruiz-Argüelles and was a visiting clinician to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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