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The Carman Society is a specialty society of the Mayo Alumni Association created to preserve the legacy and history of radiology at Mayo Clinic and to keep us connected as a community who are part of this rich legacy. It was founded in 2009 in honor of Dr. Russell D. Carman, internationally acclaimed Mayo radiologist and chair of the Mayo Section on  Roentgenology.

In alignment with the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association (MCAA), membership is open to physicians and medical physicists who qualify as active or associate members of the MCAA, have completed a residency program or fellowship  training in diagnostic radiology or medical physics, and who have indicated their intent to be active and participating members of The Carman Society.

As a member you will receive a certificate of membership and a Carman Society logo lapel pin.

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Carman Medallion

Carman Medallion_3212457_0004_235x281Commemorates Dr. Russell Daniel Carman and depicts the blue enamel logo of The Carman Society adapted from the decorative balusters of the stair rail in the 1914 Mayo Clinic Building. This 2 oz. polished silver medallion is minted from some of the silver reclaimed from the last set of hardcopy films at Mayo Clinic and is a unique token of Radiology’s history. A limited number are available.

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Mayo Clinic Radiology: A History

A book chronicling the history of radiology at the Mayo Clinic from the early days of the x-ray to 1990 written by emeritus radiology consultant Franklin Earnest, IV, M.D.


Front Cover: Dr. Byrl R. Kirklin dictates reports directly to a transcriptionist (1930s). Back Cover: Picnic for Section of Roentgenology (1920s).

Book Preface

The Doctors Mayo founded their Clinic on the principle of teamwork. From the beginning, Mayo physicians were steeped in a culture of cooperative medical practice to relentlessly focus on providing the highest quality care for each individual patient.

The Mayo Clinic provided a unique environment that attracted and retained physicians who had a specific outlook and temperament. If one was willing to embrace the cooperative, interdisciplinary, group-practice model, there was no better environment to learn and advance the science of medicine, or a new medical specialty such as radiology. (Page 31)


The first EMI CT scanner in North America was installed at Saint Marys Hospital in 1973. Pictured in the scanner is EMI engineer David King. Technologist Darryl Holtz (left) and Dr. Hillier L. “Bud” Baker Jr. (right) are standing behind King.

The introduction of x-rays at Mayo Clinic, and the specialty practice of radiology that evolved from those early days is the subject of this book. To make this history accessible to those unfamiliar with Mayo Clinic or radiology, the first chapter includes a brief history of the Mayo Clinic, the story of the discovery of the x-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, and then the early development of medical imaging at Mayo. Chapters 2 through 9 relate the story of the Section of Roentgenology, and the growth and evolution of radiology as a recognized medical specialty. The specialty’s evolution paralleled the section’s growth into a modern imaging department. Each chapter tells the story of one or more successive chairs of radiology at Mayo Clinic, and relates the department’s history to the larger context of American medicine and to major world events. This history extends to the early 1990’s. I did not feel there was sufficient distance and perspective to describe and critique more recent events. That task must be left to others.

The yearbook of radiology residents and fellows was compiled from records of the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, and includes all trainees who completed residency training in radiology or a recognized fellowship program at Mayo Rochester, Mayo Florida, and Mayo Arizona. The yearbook begins with the first resident who started training in 1913, and ends with the residents and fellows who commenced training in 2008.

RadiologyBook292-293_ResFellow_1340x555_72dpi (2)

“This work uniquely captures the story of our department from the early days of Dr. Russell Carman through the advent of digital imaging.”  – Bernard F. King, Jr., M.D. – Former Chair, Mayo Clinic Department of Radiology

Franklin Earnest IV MD Signature

Franklin Earnest IV, M.D.
March 2014

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