The Mayo Alumni German Speaking Group offers the Rudolf Juchems Research Award 2022 for a recent or ongoing scientific project in every field of medicine and adjacent areas conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Scottsdale, or Jacksonville by a fellow German speaking alumna/alumnus. Cooperative projects with departments of the Mayo Clinic will also be taken into account. The award is endowed with unrestricted prize money of 1,000 Euros. The laureate is obliged to personally accept the prize at the Annual Meeting of the Mayo Alumni German Speaking Chapter and will be asked to present the paper. This year, the chapter will convene in Bonn, Germany, from June 17th to June 19th, 2022.

This annual award was founded by cardiologist Rudolf Juchems, MD, PhD (†2008). Professor Juchems spent his residency in Rochester in the 1950s and returned to Würzburg and Aschaffenburg thereafter. The award is intended to enhance the visibility of the Mayo Alumni German Speaking Chapter and to attract young colleagues returning from their time at the Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo Alumni German Speaking Chapter is a group of German speaking physicians, researchers and health professionals that share common values and experiences of having received a part of their training at the Mayo Clinic. The Chapter is holding annual meetings in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria, combining an interdisciplinary scientific program and cultural venues that offer sufficient time to exchange ideas and to reconnect.

The selection of the award winning paper from the submission is at the discretion of the Chapter’s board. Colleagues wishing to submit an abstract of their project should do so until April 20, 2022, and are asked to include a short CV as well as possible publications in conjunction with the work to consider. Submissions should be sent to the chairman Kajetan von Eckardstein, MD ( Please to not hesitate to contact the chairman with any other questions in regard to membership in the Chapter or to participation in this year’s meeting.