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Teacher of the Year awards presented in new ways this year

If we can’t have a big, inclusive event to recognize the 2021 Teachers of the Year (Rochester campus), we’ll ask residents and fellows to present them to their mentors in small groups. We also asked the trainees to take and share photos of their ad hoc Teacher of the Year presentations. We’ll share them here as they come in.



Michel Toledano, M.D., received his Teacher of the Year award – his first – from neurology trainees. “Dr. Toledano clearly loves teaching residents and dedicates so much to the education of resident trainees and their career development. I always look forward to working with him.” “Dr. Toledano is empathetic, kind and compassionate and a role model for patient and family interactions. He is one of the most brilliant neurologists in the department and yet incredibly humble.” “He is a huge reason I chose the career path I have. He has been one of my best mentors.” “Dr. Toledano has been a true inspiration to many in the neurology residency. He is loved by all of the neurology residents.”


Ivan (Darin) Carabenciov, M.D., received his Teacher of the Year award – his first – from neurology trainees. “From his tumor-or-not-tumor presentations to chalk talks, Dr. Carabenciov is a fantastic teacher.” “He is one of the most supportive, kind staff we have. He is a great friend and mentor, and everyone loves working with him.”



Justin Kreuter, M.D., received his first Teacher of the Year award from a clinical pathology trainee. “Dr. Kreuter brings a lot of enthusiasm to teaching and always strives to bring out new ways of looking at or thinking about topics in transfusion medicine.” “Dr. Kreuter is someone I can go to regardless of the topic – he is always there! Thank you, Dr. Kreuter, for your unabashed dedication to trainees!”
Reade Quinton, M.D., received his first Teacher of the Year award (Anatomic Pathology) in 2021. “Dr. Quinton is one of those people who gets excited when sharing his expertise with others. I find that to be an invaluable quality of his and feel very grateful for having the opportunity to learn from him.” “Dr. Quinton has as much respect for you as he would for another consultant. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching are obvious and make a busy rotation like autopsy 100 times more enjoyable.” “Mayo would be a better place with more people like Dr. Quinton as faculty.”
Arman Arghami, M.D., received a Teacher of the Year award and accolades from trainees. “Dr. Arghami is one of the best cardiovascular surgeons I have ever met. He is always patient and clearly explains his expectations, which makes everything easier for the trainee. In a couple of years when I’m at his stage of career, I would like to be seen by trainees how I see him.”

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